Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Moved the girls into their new lodgings on Saturday - they've now got a house like this:
Posted Image

It's lovely and big, with nest boxes twice the sizeof their old ones, so Peggy & Betty are very comfy in there when they go to bed, and Joan has thicker, longer perches to settle on :)

As it's got felt on the roof and the ramp., I've siliconed every single join, so there's nowhere for red mites to get in from the felt now. House is Diatomed and Poultry Guarded :)

So... that means we *could* possibly have more rescued hens, although I think I'll wait for a while, plus getting someone to transport them back to me is difficult as thanks to my back problem, I can't drive.

I'm thinking of getting an automatic door opener for this house - I'll have to modify it to spring load the door so it opens in a drawbridge style, and it wont be able to close at night, but as long as they can have an early start to their day, it should be okay, I think.

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