Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Here are some more of the girls - well, just Joan in these two as she's a sucker for the camera :)

She hops up onto the wall, then onto the patio table every evening when we sit out while they roam the garden, and after nibbling my nose on Tuesday, she decided to peck my tooth as I was laughing - it's hard not to laugh when a hen puts her head 1 inch away from your face and stares at you - LOL, she's a funny one :)

If she's not out FR with Peggy & Betty, she'll be guaranteed to be found in the kitchen by the fridge/freezer, or in the bathroom, LOL!

Joan relaxing in the chair next to mine:
Posted Image

Again, it's Joan - waiting for the freezer to open so she can help herself to her frozen peas:
Posted Image

I'll have to get a video of them chasing Mark up and down the garden when they see him carrying the tub they now know contains their live mealworms.. never seen any animals go that crazy for any treats before!!

Their feathers are starting to grow back - going to be so weird not having half bald little hens making themselves at home in the garden ;)

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