Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Video (hopefully) of Joan - complaining (as usual) that she wasn't allowed any Bombay Mix!

LOL, she's a funny girl! Shortly afterwards, when I managed to appease her with cucumbers for them all, I managed to grab this:

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They're all so gorgeous :wub:
Moved the girls into their new lodgings on Saturday - they've now got a house like this:
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It's lovely and big, with nest boxes twice the sizeof their old ones, so Peggy & Betty are very comfy in there when they go to bed, and Joan has thicker, longer perches to settle on :)

As it's got felt on the roof and the ramp., I've siliconed every single join, so there's nowhere for red mites to get in from the felt now. House is Diatomed and Poultry Guarded :)

So... that means we *could* possibly have more rescued hens, although I think I'll wait for a while, plus getting someone to transport them back to me is difficult as thanks to my back problem, I can't drive.

I'm thinking of getting an automatic door opener for this house - I'll have to modify it to spring load the door so it opens in a drawbridge style, and it wont be able to close at night, but as long as they can have an early start to their day, it should be okay, I think.
Here's some recent photos of the girls - their feathers are starting to grow back, and you can definitely see a difference in them over the past month! :)

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Joan keeping me company after my back op:
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Betty - annoyed because the kitchen door was shut!
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and Bets again - that's her investigative pose!
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Well - the girls now assume our house is theirs, and spent most of the weekend chilling out in front of the fan in the kitchen! I washed the shower curtain, went into the downstairs bathroom to rehang it, all looked lovely - pulled it back to find all three girls on the bathroom mat staring up at me LOL - was hilarious, and they quite rightly assume they can do whatever they like :D

More photos of the girls:

Joan (front) and Betty sunbathing:
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Peggy hard at rest:
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Peggy staring at me, as I was staring at her to see what the heck was hanging out of her nostril... (was dirt)
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Here are some more of the girls - well, just Joan in these two as she's a sucker for the camera :)

She hops up onto the wall, then onto the patio table every evening when we sit out while they roam the garden, and after nibbling my nose on Tuesday, she decided to peck my tooth as I was laughing - it's hard not to laugh when a hen puts her head 1 inch away from your face and stares at you - LOL, she's a funny one :)

If she's not out FR with Peggy & Betty, she'll be guaranteed to be found in the kitchen by the fridge/freezer, or in the bathroom, LOL!

Joan relaxing in the chair next to mine:
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Again, it's Joan - waiting for the freezer to open so she can help herself to her frozen peas:
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I'll have to get a video of them chasing Mark up and down the garden when they see him carrying the tub they now know contains their live mealworms.. never seen any animals go that crazy for any treats before!!

Their feathers are starting to grow back - going to be so weird not having half bald little hens making themselves at home in the garden ;)

Yoghurt Time!

L-R: Peggy, Betty & Joan

They all have little bracelets on now (sounds prettier than leg rings!), so the neighbour that pops round to check on them during the day can tell them apart - Peggy = Pink, Betty = Blue & Joan = Yellow.. photos of them modelling their new jewellery to follow soon xx

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Well.... Joan (the bossy one, who's now as gentle and affectionate as can be) laid a double yolker yesterday! She even flew up and sat on my arm the other day!!